The personal profile application on allows for the EPFL directory to be supplemented with more personal information: CV, picture, experience, publications, skills, etc.

The information placed online on this page may be accessed in other applications, including the CMS Jahia. It is possible to create group portraits of departments (laboratories…) based on personal profiles, and to display them on other websites.

How can you modify your data ?

Any affiliate at EPFL (student, collaborator) automatically receives a ‘’ page and can enrich and modify it as they wish, with the exception of the official information.

To modify their page, one connects to one’s GASPAR account (login at the base of the page).

While you are connected, an icon indicates whether the information is visible -online- Icon ' the information is visible'  or not visible -not online- Icon 'the information is not visible' : you can determine the visibility of your information by clicking on that icon.

You can have a profile in French, English or both languages and decide which is visible by default. If your profile is in both languages, internet users with a French navigator will see the French version, while for all the other languages the page will appear in English.